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This Unisex hoodie is made of a thick blend of cotton and polyester. This makes for a plush, soft feel alongside warmth. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women. We really like this hoodie and you will probably too! 


  • 20% of profits will be donated to Leuser International Foundation in order to preserve the Leuser Ecosysem
  • Regular fit and true to size
  • Ethically manufactured

  • 50% pre-shrunk cotton, 50% polyester
  • Produced only after you complete your order

  • Returns are donated

  • Machine wash: max 40°C or 105°F. Do not dryclean.

Indonesian Jungle Unisex Hoodie backprint

  • Everybody goes on safari nowadays to see the so-called big five, but you know better, you are going to see the real big five: the big five of Asia! After a long travel to the Indonesian island of Sumatra you are finally going on a 4-day jungle trekking through the Leuser Ecosystem, which is know as the only place on Earth where you can spot the Asian big five all in the same habitat. On your first day, you already get lucky. Two orangutans are climbing the trees above you. On your second day you get less lucky, you only spotted a few orangutans, but not much else. The third day however was amazing. After climbing down some rocks along a big waterfall, you encounter a place not many others have seen before. It's packed with animals! An Asian elephant is drinking from the lake, a sun bear is staring at you from a distance until a rhino walks in front of him. On your last night of the trekking you hear a weird noise, so you walk out of your tent to check what it is, but there is nothing to see. However, just when you want to turn around to your tent you catch a glimpse of what can only be one animal, a tiger! When you go to sleep you feel extremely satisfied, you just saw the Asian big five.

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