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Shipping and Returns

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Terms of service

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  • Who are you?
    We are Travirts. We make earth positive clothing for everyone who loves our planet. What makes our brand so special is that every product is tied to a vulnerable location somewhere on earth and to a local organization, which restores that place. Therefore, every product supports our beautiful planet in a different way. You can read more about us and what we do here.
  • Where do you ship and how much do you charge?
    We ship to every country in the world. You can calculate your shipping rate by adding the product(s) you concider to buy to the shopping card and then click checkout. Here you can select the country where you live. The shipping cost will start to calculate automatically. We also have a list of shipping costs, but please note that prices may vary depending on your order and discount promotions! USA - $5 Canada - $8 Rest of the world - $10
  • How long does shipping take?
    In the US and Canada, shipping usually takes 3 to 14 days. For the rest of the world it usually takes up to 15 days, but delays can occur, so we assume a maximum of 30 days. Please only contact customer service if your order takes longer than 30 days to arrive.
  • My discount code doesn't work
    this could be due to three things. 1. the discount code has already been used by you once before 2. the discount code has reached the total usage limit by all customers 3. The discount code has expired Do you think it is not due to one of the above causes? Then you can contact us in the contact form above or in the live chat.
  • I ordered the worng size/color
    Don't worry, we've got you covered! Because our products are only made after you have ordered them, it is very important that you contact us as soon as possible, so that we can stop the order before it is made. You can contact us through our contact form above or through our live chat. If your product has already been made, we can stop the shipment. In that case you do not have to pay any fees. When the product is already on its way to your doorstep, you must return the product. You can read our return policy here.
  • What's the sizing like?
    We have a size chart for each product. You can find it among the product photos :)
  • My size/color is not availible or out of stock
    When your prefered size or color gets the out of stock message you can contact customer support through the contact form above or through the live chat. We will check for you when it is back in stock. We also do custom orders, in case you want a different color. In that case it is best that you contact us through our live chat, rather than our contact form. We will discuss your wishes and see what is possible! Sometimes a product is listed as out of stock because it can't be made in that specific size and color combination. This is especially the case with size XS. Please contact customer support when this is the case for you and we will see what we can do.

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