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About us

We are Travirts. We make earth positive clothing for everyone who loves our planet. What makes our brand so special is that every product is tied to a vulnerable location somewhere on earth and to a locally operating organization, which restores that place. Therefore, every product supports our beautiful planet in a different way.

Travirts was founded because of our love of travel. It gives you freedom, relaxation and you actually see the planet you are living on. However, there are also aspects we hate about travel, and it is not just the emissions. Travel also damages the place you are traveling. It feels like there are only two options, continue damaging the earth with travel or stop traveling entirely. In our view, neither is an option. That is why we started Travirts, to be that third option for you. We make sure that travelers can enjoy their favorite destinations without feeling guilty.

Each of our products is linked to a real-life location. By buying the product, you support that location directly. In the product description, you can read information about the location you are supporting and how your purchase will support the place.

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Every product is tied to a destination, which recieves your support when you buy that product.


ethically manufactured

All our products are manufactured in the United States by local companies, to support local communities.

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produced after you order

We only start producing your product after you ordered it. This way we can reduce waste.

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donating returns

When you return one of our products, we donate it to charity.

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By buying from Travirts, you help save the planet. As you may already know, each product is linked to a real location. This location will be restored by a locally active (nature conservation) organization.

After you have completed your order, the location you are going to support will be stored in our database. This is also the place where 20% of the profit we make on the product is set aside for donation. Once every quarter, this 20% profit will be transferred to the organization of your product and their linked location. We do not do this directly, in order to avoid high transaction costs, which will otherwise result in a lower donation for the organizations.

You will get an email notification as soon as your donation is made!

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Ethically manufactured

Helping the earth is not just about nature, but also about people. That is why we ensure that our products are made in an ethical and fair manner.

For us, this means that we make our products in the US rather than abroad, so that we can ensure that the working conditions are good. We also have our products made by smaller companies to support local communities. This gives small businesses and their employees the opportunity to grow.

All this ensures economic growth in disadvantaged areas of the country, happy businesses, happy employees and a product of the highest quality for you.

Ethically manufactured
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Produced after you order

To reduce waste, we have chosen to manufacture our products only once your order has been completed. When completed, we send a production order to the factory, after which they immediately take action and start manufacturing your product. After production, it will be packed and shipped to you.


By operating this way, we do not need a stock of products and packaging materials. Therefore, we are able to reduce waste, because we never have a surplus of products and plastics that are never sold.


An additional advantage of this is that we always have all our products in stock, with the exception of factory complications. A disadvantage is that our shipping time takes a little longer than usual. We hope you understand!

Produced after you pay
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Donating returns

Of course, we hope that all the products we sell are of excellent quality and that it will fit you, but sometimes a return is necessary.

When we receive a return, we first investigate why the product has been returned. People often order a piece of clothing in several sizes, so that there is always one that fits. However, the rest will be returned. This returned clothing is of excellent quality and therefore we will resell it to the next customer.

When a product is not in perfect condition, for example due to a printing error, it is donated to charity. Do not worry; we will never hand over seriously damaged clothing to charity!

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Donating Returns

More about us...

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The Journey

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Shipping and Returns

You know what we do with returns, but maybe you also want to know our policy.

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Terms of service

Read our detailed terms of service here. From privacy to returns, we got you covered!

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