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This Unisex hoodie is made of a thick blend of cotton and polyester. This makes for a plush, soft feel alongside warmth. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women. We really like this hoodie and you will probably too! 


  • 20% of profits will be donated to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation in order to preserve the Great Barrier Reef
  • Regular fit and true to size
  • Ethically manufactured

  • 50% pre-shrunk cotton, 50% polyester
  • Produced only after you complete your order

  • Returns are donated

  • Machine wash: max 40°C or 105°F. Do not dryclean.

Great Barrier Reef Unisex Hoodie backprint

  • Still a bit tired from the long journey to Cairns you make your way towards the harbour. A small boat picks you up together with a few other travellers. The calm boat ride brings you towards the coral reefs, which are even visible from space! Finally you can spot them in the distance. As the reefs come closer you prepare for your dive. The instructor tells all the do's and don'ts and then finally that special moment is there, the reason why you've all the way here, your jump into the water. As soon as you put your head underwater, you see all kinds of fish, probably hundereds! This underwater world is just magical!

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